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Do Multivitamins Help With Weight Loss – Learn the Truth

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Different types of multivitamin pills for weight loss

To date, no magic pill has been created for the purpose of weight loss. However, in a recent study conducted by scientists, it was established that multivitamins can help you grow slimmer. The essence of weight loss is to burn more calories than you, normally, consume. Weight loss can be achieved by combining dieting and physical activity. Although scientists have not come up with a magical supplement for weight loss, some scientific evidence has shown that multi vitamins can help a person burn more calories.

Consuming adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins greatly helps with the process of metabolism. Metabolism is the process where your body converts the food you consume into energy. Some vitamins such as vitamin B are known to aid the body when metabolizing dietary proteins, carbs and fats. Scientific experiments have shown that the consumption of multivitamins during weight loss can help ladies control hunger. In the same vein, consuming multivitamins while engaging in a weight loss program can help men lose weight more efficiently than ladies do.

Individuals who consume multivitamins are able to effectively meet their daily requirements of minerals and vitamins. Due to this, they body functions improve and their metabolism is also improved. This goes a long way into curbing obesity. It is also a known fact that people who consume multivitamins have decreased appetites, and a lower body-fat percentage. This is in comparison to individuals who do not consume multivitamins.

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How Do Multivitamins Help You Shed Weight?


Multivitamin supplements work in different ways when it comes to weight loss. Below is a breakdown of how these supplements help you lose weight effectively.


  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 which form an integral part of the multivitamin supplement play a pivotal role when it comes to the digestion of food. This being the case, a person who consumes multivitamins has better digestion and is, as a result, able to control his or her weight effectively.


  • Studies have shown that lack of Zinc and Vitamin B6 leads to reduced levels of serotonin. When you have low levels of serotonin, your appetite increases dramatically. This, in turn, leads to overeating; and ultimately, weight issues. Therefore, consuming multivitamins will ensure that your serotonin levels are checked, you will be able to control your weight more efficiently.


  • Other nutrients such as calcium are known to bind with excess fat found within your intestines and also aid in the absorption of fat in your body. This will also help you control your weight more efficiently.


  • Some minerals control blood sugar and help regulate your metabolism. This is very helpful when you are looking to lose weight.


  • It is a known fact that overweight people have lower levels of minerals and vitamins in their systems. Vitamin B6, Chromium and B12 have long been associated with weight loss. This is not a surprising thing as chromium and vitamin B6 are heavily involved in metabolism.


  • The nutrients found in the supplements help our intestinal bacteria perform their role of regulating metabolism, nutrient uptake, and digestion. If you lack adequate nutrients in your body you stand to suffer weight issues amongst other things.


  • Iron, plays an important role of helping your body create energy from the nutrients you consume. Iron also helps carry oxygen to all your body cells and muscles. This helps them burn fat effectively.


  • Vitamin B6, which is also referred to as pyridoxine, is believed to promote weigh loss by reducing the body’s water retention and by metabolizing fat. It is important when it comes to the breaking down of carbs, fats and proteins from the foods we eat.


  • B6 helps you burn more calories because of its ability to turn glycogen into glucose. This increases your body’s energy levels without the need to ingest more carbohydrates. B6 regulates the amount of calories in your body while at the same time burning calories that have been stored within your body.


  • Multivitamins increase the efficiency of metabolism and prevent the accumulation of fat, which may cause you to be overweight. By depleting the fat stored in the body, VitaminB6, for example, reduces the bulk of fats that cause you to be obese.


  • Vitamin B2 can positively help you reduce weight in a number of ways including regulating your thyroid. The thyroid is the glad that regulates your body’s metabolism, weight and energy use. A healthy thyroid will help your body have a stable weight as you engage in other weight loss activities such as exercising.


  • Niacin, which is also referred to as vitamin B3 is also found in multivitamin supplements. This nutrient is believed to be both a weight loss agent and weight gain agent. Niacin helps you lose weight by providing your body with the necessary energy it need to excess calories that are present. It is also effective in reducing the fat content of harmful cholesterol.

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The workings of multivitamin supplements are a combination of a variety of mechanisms. These mechanisms help expedite the weight loss process.

It is important to note that these supplements work best when combined with a proper diet. Failure to adhere to a proper diet while consuming multivitamin-supplements is an act in futility if you want to lose weight. Doctors’ advice that it is wise to consume multivitamins six times a week. Consuming more than this may lead to an over dose. It is also advisable that you consume multivitamins one hour before or after meals. Multivitamins should not be taken with meals.

A faster rate of metabolism means that calories are burnt faster. This makes it highly unlikely for you to lose weight. Naturally, your metabolism will slow down as you advance in years. This situation can be remedied by consuming multivitamin supplements. Some minerals and vitamins will help keep your body’s rate of metabolism at peak levels. However, before engaging in the consumption of multivitamin supplements, it is important that you seek the opinion of doctor.

Multivitamins, according to studies, may not always help with metabolism. However, they ensure that your body gets an adequate amount of nutrition and corrects deficiencies if they do exist. This may prevent unwanted weight gain and maintain a healthy rate of metabolism. Some supplements if consumed in high doses may have adverse effects on the health of a person. They may make health conditions worse or interact, negatively, with the medication you are currently taking. This is why it is important for you to consult your doctor before embarking on the consumption of multivitamin supplements.

According to health experts, a healthy diet is the safest way to control weight gain. However, people who are on a limited diet may add some multivitamin supplement to boost your weight loss endeavor. The main function of the B vitamins is to help your body achieve effective metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin B1, for example, helps your body cells convert carbs into energy. In a nutshell, if you experience low levels of either one of the B vitamins; you are likely to affect your metabolism. This will make it hard for you to lose weight effectively.

Although these supplements may not offer your body all the benefits associated with the consumption of whole foods; consuming multivitamin supplements from time to time may help boost your health.

According to scientific experiments, women who consume multivitamin supplements have reduced appetites. This was seen especially in women who were actively involved in weight reduction regimes. The results of multi vitamin consumption were more obvious when it came to men engaged in weight reduction regimes. According to researchers, minerals and vitamins are usually involved in the synthesis of hormones associated with hunger such as insulin, cortisol, and leptin.


While multivitamins may help you boost your general health and weight loss efforts, it is important that you take them under the supervision of a doctor. Scientists are still trying to establish, which minerals and vitamins have the most effective influence on weight and appetite control. One of the most plausible theories as to why multivitamins might help you fight body weight is the fact that when your body lacks vitamins, your appetite fires up. By consuming a balanced diet you will be able to keep your vitamins in check and you will, in turn, be able to effectively control your weight and appetite.