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10 Worst Foods You Should Never Eat if You’re Trying to Lose Weight Fast

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Different types of healthy fruits to help lose weight fast

Losing weight is not as easy as many people think. It is a difficult struggle that involves changing one’s lifestyle as well as eating habits. Leading a healthy lifestyle is highly encouraged especially in today’s society where sedentary jobs and lifestyles are the norm.

So, why is leading a healthy lifestyle important?

According to medical experts, being overweight has negative consequences on one’s health. For starters, it places you at risk of developing diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular problems and various forms of cancers. It also contributes to ridicule and many social problems.

What leads to weight gain?

Apart from eating junk food and leading a sedentary lifestyle where you don’t exercise your body, other causes that lead to being overweight include poor metabolism, consumption of processed food and genetic factors. Even foods that are branded as “low fat” or “low sugar” are incredibly high in calories which lead to weight gain eventually.

Want to lose weight?

Here are 10 foods to avoid when trying to lose weight fast.

1. Processed fruit juices

When shopping in a store, it is common to find processed fruit juice on the shelves. What you need to know is that processed juice has less in common with whole fruit. Processed fruit juice is mainly composed of chemicals inform of flavors, additives and processed sugar. Consumption of this leads to addition of more calories in the body. The high levels of calories and sugar contribute to weight gain as the body will convert them into fat finally storing it around the body.


It is common for the body to store fat around the hips, waist and thighs. This is why you find people with bulging stomach. Processed fruit juice lacks fiber which is found in whole fruit. Fiber helps to improve the metabolic rate allowing fat burning finally contributing to weight loss. If you want to lose weight, stay away from processed fruit juice.

2. Multi grain bread

The first time you hear of the words “multi grain”, you automatically associate the term with healthy foods.


Multi grain foods for example bread have been found to miss vital vitamins and minerals that promote metabolism which in turn helps with fat burning leading to weight loss. They also lack fiber and other nutrients which improve the metabolic rate. If you enjoy eating bread during breakfast, then you need to switch from the multi vitamin bread to whole grain bread.

Whole grain bread is rich in fiber, nutrients and minerals. Thanks to the fiber, it makes one to feel full finally promoting fat burning. This is because it acts as an appetite suppressor. This prevents you from over eating and lowers your food cravings especially for junk food, sugary soft drinks and others. Next time you go shopping at your local store, shop for whole grain bread and not multi grain bread if you want to lose weight.​

3. Alcohol

Yes, you love the occasional glass of white or red wine right after you get home from work. It is a way of unwinding from the difficult day you have had where you were required to meet certain deadlines in order to allow the company achieve its goals. Red wine has been found to have great benefits especially towards cardiovascular health.

This helps to prevent occurrence of health conditions like high blood pressure and heart attacks. What many people seem to forget is that more than a glass of wine each day contributes to 2000 extra calories in the body. This is not good for your health as the calories contribute to weight gain within a short time. According to diet experts, your body turns to alcohol which is the first thing it begins to burn before moving to something else. What does this mean? Well, unless your body gets rid of all the alcohol found in your blood, your weight loss efforts will be hindered. This simply means, you will not be burning any fat, so it’s high time to shun off that glass of white or red wine if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.​

What does this mean?

Well, unless your body gets rid of all the alcohol found in your blood, your weight loss efforts will be hindered. This simply means, you will not be burning any fat, so it’s high time to shun off that glass of white or red wine if you want to achieve your weight loss goals.​

​4. Frozen dinners

Today, it is common to walk into a store and shop for frozen “healthy” foods at the refrigerated section. The main selling point of frozen dinners is the word “healthy” generously added to the title. This will automatically make you think that you are shopping for a healthy meal.

The best thing about frozen dinners is that they take minimal time to prepare. All you need is to get home and place the dinner in the microwave and within seconds, you will have a hot meal in front of you. While you may think that you are consuming a healthy meal, frozen dinners are full of junk. They are known to contain over 1,000 calories per serving. This is not good especially if you are planning or are on the journey to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight effectively, avoid frozen dinners. Instead, grab a cook book either from the nearest book store or download one from the internet. Look for a cookbook that contains healthy recipes which utilize natural ingredients. Preparing home cooked meals is the best way to lose weight. Your body will get to benefit from the many vitamins, protein, good carbs and minerals which promote fat burning and weight loss.

​5. Store bought ice cream

Store bought ice cream is very delicious but very unhealthy too. It has been found to have high levels of calories and sugar. The sugar used is mostly processed which means your body is exposed to additives. Furthermore, flavors and preservatives are used which helps to preserve the ice cream for a long period of time.

Store bought ice cream is commonly eaten as a snack or dessert after dinner. It is very easy to over eat ice cream which adds to your problem – weight gain. One thing you need to know is that a small portion of ice cream once in a while is fine but as said earlier; it is very easy to over eat ice cream in one sitting.

If you want to lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle and continue eating ice cream, it’s high time to start preparing your own. There are several recipes available online which utilize natural ingredients without the need of adding preservatives and other additives. For example: You can use less sugar (not artificially processed sugar), Greek yoghurt and fruit. No flavors or preservatives are needed as you can make a small portion that is eaten in one sitting.

​6. Commercial pizza

Commercial pizza is one of the most popular fast food that is ordered by families across the world. It is extremely high in calories and is composed of unhealthy ingredients which include highly refined flour, unprocessed meat, bad starch and fat. Consumption of commercial pizza has been popularized by movie time and snack period. This leads to weight gain as the fat and bad starch are converted into body fat which is stored in the body. This places one at risk of developing health conditions like diabetes, cardio vascular problems, cancer and others.

Want to enjoy healthy pizza?

Start making them at home using healthier ingredients like lean beef, vegetables and flour. You can also make your own homemade pizza sauce as there are tons of recipes available online. The reason for making your own homemade pizza sauce is because store bought sauces contain lots of sugar which will hinder your weight loss efforts. Look: Another better option for you is to find a pizza place that sells healthy pizzas made with natural ingredients and lacks processed ingredients or additives.

​7. High calorie coffee drinks

A cup of Joe is a morning ritual favored by many people: While it’s a great way to start the day as the caffeine helps to eliminate any sleep and provides the much needed energy boost, the drink contains unhealthy ingredients like artificial cream and sugar. This has been found to outweigh the many benefits that caffeine may in part in one’s body. Since the drink contains high amounts of calories, it has been found to inhibit weight loss efforts. High calorie coffee is no better than sugary soft drinks.

Want to lose weight?

Switch to black coffee since it contains no additives inform of processed sugar or cream. You can add a little milk but its best to avoid adding sugar, high calorie creamers and other unhealthy ingredients. Black coffee helps to burn fat which contributes to weight loss.

8. Sugar free products

Sugar is the arch enemy for people who are leading a healthy lifestyle. If you are planning to lose weight, sugar should be one of the foods that need to be kicked out from your meals. Sugar is a common ingredient in many foods and drinks from ice cream to candy and soda. It is sweet to taste and that is why it is commonly used as an ingredient.

Today, artificial sugar has been making its mark in the world and it is common not only in foods but in coffee cafes where it’s used to sweeten the cup of Joe. Sugar is converted in the body into fat which as said earlier is stored around the body. Overtime, your body begins to add on a few pounds finally reaching the overweight status.

While sugar free products are seen as alternatives, they actually contain unhealthy sugar. Studies reveal that your body will process fake sugar as if it were real. This raises your insulin levels. This is not good as it hinders your weight loss efforts. Do your own research and learn what ingredients are used in the making of sugar free products.​

9. Granola bars

Over the years, many people have confused granola bars with healthy food. May be it’s because it contains the word granola. Majority of granola bars today are filled with candy fixin’s for example chocolate and marshmallows. They are also laden with high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients which are not healthy. While some contain fiber which is essential for your body as it helps to boost the metabolic rate, the fiber is not useful.

The one problem is that fiber is delivered in big doses and not steadily throughout the day as it should. According to experienced dieticians, fiber intake needs to be consistent throughout the day. This helps to stave off hunger finally acting as an appetite suppressor. This forces your body to turn to stored fat leading to fat burning. If you want to improve your digestive health as well as lose weight, stop consuming granola bars. Instead opt for fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables.​

​10. Tropical fruit

Tropical fruit has always been a great choice especially when you are on a diet and are trying to lose weight. What many people don’t know is that they contain high content of calories. The good news is that not all tropical fruits are bad for you.


Mangoes and ripe pineapples are delicious but they have been found to contain high levels of natural sugar. Natural sugar is beneficial to the body but when in high doses, it is easily converted into fat. This inhibits your weight loss efforts so it is wiser to eat the fruits in moderation. When shopping for fruits, look for those with both soluble and insoluble fiber. One fruit that is beneficial especially if you are losing weight is apples. It is low in calories and natural sugars but high in fiber which helps to improve fat burning and metabolic rate.​

Final Thoughts

It is common knowledge that the worst foods which contribute to weight gain include junk food and sugary soft drinks. What you did not know is that there are foods which know hinder your weight loss efforts. While they are advertised as “healthy”, they contain high levels of sugars, preservatives, calories and other additives. These have been found to contribute towards weight gain.

Foods to avoid include mangoes, ripe pineapples, granola bars, sugar free products, commercial pizza, high calorie coffee drinks, processed fruit juices and multi grain bread. Always stick to healthy foods and make a point of preparing your own meals. You need to consider your portion sizes because healthy foods can be the Achilles heel towards your weight loss efforts.​