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How to Lose Weight Naturally With Home Remedies [Based on Science]

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According to studies, majority of the people trying to lose weight are not sure of how to do it in a natural and safe way. The situation is made worse by the fact that the websites that people visit in pursuit of this endeavor are run by companies that deal in weight loss products and diet drugs. These companies have for a long time misguided the populace on the issue of weight loss. As a result, they have made fortunes at the expense of many unknowing persons. In this article, I will strive to demystify the phenomenon of weight loss. I will look into detail on how you can lose weight effectively and naturally without resulting to the misinformation given by some of those companies.

As you are well aware, being overweight or obese has some serious health consequences. Being overweight puts you at risk of contracting a number of diseases some of which are chronic. Some of the chronic diseases that you may contract as a result of being overweight include but are not limited to heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. The above mentioned diseases are some of the most notorious diseases when it comes to worldwide deaths. If you are pregnant and overweight, you risk both short and long term health risks for your unborn child.

It is, therefore, of paramount importance that everyone takes into consideration the matter of weight loss. While doing so, you must be careful to ensure that you undertake the weight loss process from an informed point of view so as to avoid other health issues. It is truism to state that weight problems are not only a health issue; they also operate to diminish your confidence and self-esteem if left unchecked. I will look into detail on how you can lose weight effectively and naturally without resulting to the misinformation given by some of those companies.

Here Are 28 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

1. Increase your protein intake

Majority of the people are unaware of the fact that when it comes to weight loss, protein intake is essential. To this effect, there is a popular saying that says protein is the king of all nutrients. Normally, when your body is metabolizing and digesting the food you have consumed; calories are burnt. This being the case, a high protein diet is advised since protein diets boost metabolism. By consuming a high-protein diet, you increase the amount of calories burnt from 80-100 calories.

Additionally, a high-protein diet has the effect of making you feel more full, it also diminishes your appetite effectively. Studies have shown that individuals who are on a high-protein diet consume 400 calories less than those who are on a low-protein diet.

2. Consume single ingredient meals and whole grain meals

This is one of the best things you can do in order to boost your general health. Eating single ingredient or whole meals will have a positive effect on your general health. This is because you eliminate added fat, added sugar and processed foods in your diet. Consumption of such foods is one of the leading causes of obesity and weight problems around the world.

Most whole foods are very fulfilling. This makes it easy for you to maintain calorie limits that are healthy. Additionally, consuming whole foods provides your body with many essential nutrients that are important when it comes to ensuring the body functions properly. Weight loss is a natural side effect of consuming whole foods.

3. Abstain from Processed foods

Processed foods are high in added fats, sugars and calories. Furthermore, these foods are manufactured in a way that makes you consume them as much as possible. These foods are more likely to cause addictive eating than unprocessed foods.

4. Stock up on healthy snacks and foods

According to research, the foods you keep in your home, heavily, influence your weight and eating tendencies. By maintaining a stock of health foods and snacks you greatly reduce the chances of engaging in unhealthy eating behaviors; this is not only advantageous to you, but also to your family and friends. There are a wide variety of healthy foods and snacks available to you in the market place. These are easy to prepare and carry in case you need to move around.

Some of the healthy foods and snacks available to you include but are not limited to fruits, yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, nuts and carrots.

5. Reduce your added sugar intake

The consumption of added sugars is a leading cause of diseases around the world. You risk cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart related diseases. According to studies, on average, Americans consume about 15 tea spoons of sugar on a daily basis. This is a very dangerous trend. This amount is usually contained in the many processed foods we consume every day. It is, therefore, possible for you to consume excess sugar without you realizing the fact.

Sugar goes by many names in ingredient lists. It is, therefore, extremely, difficult for you to tell how much sugar a particular product contains. Minimizing your added sugar consumption is a great way to improve your diet; and ultimately, reduce excess weight.

6. Drink Water

Science has proven that drinking water, actually, helps you reduce weight. Drinking at least a liter of water on a daily basis will help you burn more calories. It is a proven fact that consuming 0.5 liters of water can help burn between 24-30 percent of calories within an hour of consumption or afterwards.

Drinking water before eating can also help you reduce your level of calorie intake. This is, especially, effective for persons who are middle aged or elderly. When you replace high calorie and sugar beverages with water, you stand to lose weigh more effectively.

7. Drink Coffee (un sweetened)

People have only realized that coffee is a health beverage in the recent past. It contains beneficial antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that are good for the human body. Coffee intake is effective in weight loss as it increases your body’s energy levels as well as the amount of calories being burnt. According to research, caffeinated coffee has the capability of increasing your metabolism by 3-11 percent. This type of coffee also helps reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes by a surprising 25-30 percent. Black coffee is also very effective in weight loss; it makes you feel full and contains zero calories.

8. Avoid liquid calories

Liquid calories are gotten from beverages like fruit juices and sugary soft drinks, energy drinks and chocolate milk. These drinks are detrimental to your general health in several ways. They also increase your risk of being obese. According to studies, there is a 60 percent risk of children becoming obese for every serving of sweetened beverage they consume. Additionally, it is important to note that that the human brain does not register the presence of liquid calories the same way it does with solid calories. This means that liquid calories are added on top of all other things you consume. This is what makes liquid calories dangerous. You can quench your thirst by consuming small portions of 100 percent fruit juice, water, sparkling water with citrus or low-fat milk.

9. Reduce your Intake of refined carbs

Refined carbs usually have the most of their beneficial fibers and nutrients removed. The refining process only leaves easily digestible carbs. This causes you the risk of disease and overreacting. Refined carbs are mostly found in foods such as white rice, white bread, sodas, pastries, sweets, pastas, white flour and breakfast cereals.

10. Practice Intermittent fasting

This is an eating cycle that revolves around cycles of fasting and eating. There are a number of ways you can fast intermittently. They include the 6:8 methods, 5:6 methods and the eat-stop-eat method. The gist of these methods is to make you reduce your amount of calorie intake without consciously restricting your calorie intake during eating periods. This is highly beneficial health wise and leads to weight loss.

11. Drink green tea (UNSWEETENED)

This is a great beverage that comes loaded with antioxidants. Drinking green tea is associated with many benefits including weight loss and fat burning. According to studies, green tea increases the expenditure of energy by a whopping four percent and increases selective burning of fat by 17 percent.

12. Consume more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are known to be weight loss friendly foods. Apart from being high in nutrients, fiber and water; they are known to have very low energy density. It is possible for you to have large servings of fruits and vegetables without increasing your calorie intake. Studies have shown that individuals who constantly consume fruits and vegetables end to natural weight loss.

13. Use smaller plates

Studies have shown that using smaller plates during meals helps you consume less food. This can be translated to less calorie intake. Normally, people will put more food on larger plates than smaller plates. This is a psychological fact. Studies have also shown that people will fill their plates the same way regardless of the size of the plate. Using smaller plates helps you serve less but gives you the impression that you have eaten more. Last but not least, it is advisable that you always drink a glass of water after your meal and wait for at least 15 minutes before going for an additional portion of food. This will greatly reduce the risk of overeating.

14. Engage in a low-carb diet

Scientific studies have shown that low-carb diets are effective in weight loss programs. Limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume and increasing the amount of proteins and fats you consume reduces your appetite. This helps you reduce the amount of calories you consume drastically. Engaging in a low-carb diet can help you lose weight three times faster than when you consume a low-fat diet. A low carbohydrate diet also helps you avoid a number of diseases.

15. Eat slowly

Eating too fast makes you consume too many calories before your body is even aware of the fact. It is a proven fact that people who eat fast are more likely to have weight issues than those individuals who eat slowly. Chewing slowly helps you eat fewer calories and also helps boost the production of hormones that are associated with weight loss.

16. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to be high in fats known as medium-chain triglycerides. These fats re metabolized by the human body differently compared to other fats we consume. Studies have shown that coconut oil has the capability of boosting t=your metabolism slightly. It also helps you consume fewer calories.

Coconut oil has been proven to be effective at reducing belly fat, which is quite harmful to your health. Important to note is that this oil should not be added to your diet. The oil should only be used to replace some of your sources of fat.

17. Add eggs to your food intake

Eggs have been termed as the ultimate weight loss food. They are low in calories, cheaper, high in protein, and contain many beneficial nutrients. Studies have shown that high-protein foods are effective in reducing your appetite and increasing fullness. By eating eggs for breakfast, you stand to lose some weight within eight weeks. Studies show that eating eggs over a period of eight weeks causes up to 65 percent greater weight loss within that time.

18. Use spices

Jalapenos and chili peppers contain a certain compound referred to as capsaicin. This compound is helpful in burning fat and boosting metabolism. The compound is also known to effectively reduce a person’s appetite and consumption of calories.

19. Consume Probiotics

These are live bacteria. They are known to possess immense health benefits when consumed. They are known to improve heart health, digestive health and may be helpful with weight loss. According to studies, obese or overweight individuals usually have different gut bacteria compared to normal-weight people; these bacteria have the capability of influencing weight. Probiotics can help regulate healthy gut bacteria. Probiotics also help in absorbing dietary fat while at the same time reducing both inflammation and appetite. The most effective probiotic bacterium in weight loss is referred to as Lactobacillus gasseri.

20. Eat more fiber

Food that is rich in fiber helps you reduce weight; more so, foods that contain water soluble fiber. This is because this type of fiber is known to increase the feeling of fullness. Normally, fiber delays stomach emptying. It also makes the stomach expand and enhances the production of satiety hormones. Ultimately, this process helps use reduce the amount of food we consume without even thinking about it. It is a natural process. Additionally, a variety of fiber can feed friendly gut bacteria. By having health gut bacteria, you reduce the risk of being obese. It is important that you increase your fiber intake gradually so as to avoid abdominal discomfort such as bloating, diarrhea and cramps.

21. Brush your teeth after your meals

By flossing and brushing your teeth after meals, you reduce the desire to eat or snack. The simple reason behind this is the fact that majority of people don’t usually feel like eating after brushing their teeth. Eating after brushing gives food a bad taste. Therefore, if you brush after your meals, you are less likely to succumb to the desire of grabbing an unnecessary snack.

22. Fight your food addiction

Food addiction involves the process of overpowering your cravings, and the chemical changes in your brain that make it hard for you to resist certain foods. Food addiction affects a significant number of people in our society. It is the cause of over eating; and ultimately, weight gain. Some foods such as junk foods have the capacity to increase the symptoms of food addiction among people. The best way to fight food addiction is to seek help and have the will to fight the addiction. It is important that you establish a time when you will stop eating so that you will not succumb to the desire of late-night munchies or mindless snacking when watching TV.

23. Do some cardio

Doing cardio can be highly beneficial to individuals who are looking to combat weigh problems. Cardio, whether it is hiking, cycling, jogging, or power walking is a great way to improve mental and physical health. Cardio is also effective when it comes to burning of excess calories. Cardio has been proven to contain many benefits including reducing the risk of getting heart related diseases. It is effective at reducing belly fat, which is very harmful. Belly fat builds up around your organs and may result in a number of metabolic diseases.

24. Perform more resistance exercises

One of the most common side effects of dieting is the loss of muscle mass. According to studies, if you lose lots of muscle, your body begins to burn fewer calories. In order to avoid this, it is advisable that you begin to lift weights so as to deter loss of muscle mass. An added benefit of engaging in these exercises is the fact that they will boost your esteem and you will feel better about yourself.

25. Practice mindful eating

This is the process of enhancing awareness while eating. By being mindful while eating, you are able to make conscious food choices. It also helps you develop awareness in regards to your satiety and hunger cues. In the long run, you are able to eat healthy in response to your satiety and hunger cues.

The practice of mindful eating has been shown to have a tremendous effect on eating behaviors, weight, and stress among over weight individuals. It is very helpful when it comes to the fight against emotional and binge eating. Weight loss comes naturally when you increase your food awareness and make conscious food choices.

26. Getting more sleep

Scientists have established a direct link between obesity and lack of adequate sleep. Experiments have shown that getting enough sleep can help in weight loss. Further studies showed that people who reported their quality of sleep to be fair or poor were less likely to have successful weight loss.

27. Never miss breakfast

This is a common habit for individuals who have successfully lost weight and kept it at bay. They always ensure that they eat breakfast every single day. Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast is not an effective way to cut calories. The direct consequence of skipping breakfast is that you end up consuming more food throughout the day than you would have if you had eaten breakfast. Studies have shown that individuals who eat breakfast perform better in their day to day activities. Your breakfast should be made up of healthy foods such as eggs and whole-grain cereal topped with fruit. As I had put it to you earlier on, eating whole grain foods and high-protein foods is a good way to cut calories.

28. Work towards changing your lifestyle

According to studies, researchers have found out that dieting is one of those endeavors that fail in the long term. Studies have also shown that individuals who practice dieting end up gaining more weight over time. Experts advise people who want to lose weight effectively to embrace a lifestyle change. By doing so, they primarily focus on nourishing their bodies with healthy foods and nutrients. This is more effective than merely focusing on weight loss. It is important that you eat to become a fitter person, happier person, and healthier person. The weight loss process should not only be confined to losing weight. It must be approached holistically for it to serve its purpose fully.

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Another simple yet effective way that could help you cut weight is to control your environment. This can be done by way of stocking your kitchen with healthy foods, snacks and choosing to dine in the right restaurants. This means you should avoid the temptation of visiting all you can eat restaurants, for example. Before attending or hosting a party you should make it a habit of eating a healthy snack before attending; this will give you the feeling of fullness and will help you avoid indulging in unhealthy foods. Losing weight naturally is the healthiest and safest way to go about weight loss. It generally involves making small changes to your lifestyle, exercise routine and diet. When you begin making small life style changes that are typical of weight loss, chances are, you are more likely to continue with these habits in the long run.